Let TechnoPlus takes care of your Air Conditioner by taking Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). It is always a better idea to have a professional technician behind your daily need Appliance like AC. We undertake to service & maintain your Air conditioner in good running condition by periodical Check-ups and maintenance for both Corporate & Domestic Sector. It will make your AC run hassle free.
Benefits of maintenance contract:

  • Four periodical servicing visits per year.
  • Any time Breakdown Call will be attended.
  • Cleaning Condenser /Cooling Coil
  • We check AC Plug Point and Input supply Voltage
  • Checking Auto-Cut function, Remote Control and Manual Functions
  • Checking Ampere of Compressor
  • Cleaning of Evaporator, Base Tray and Condenser
  • Earthing check

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